August 6, 2009

Ho Hum

It seems like I haven't blogged in forever. Nothing too exciting to report. Our home PC had a major meltdown so that put a crimp in my style. I lost all my bookmarked sites but thankfully didn't lose documents or photos. No news on the grad school front but I've been plenty busy with PTA back-to-school stuff. I think we are having the coolest summer on record. I do live in the arctic afterall. It seems like most days we don't get above 80 degrees. I heard El Nino is back. I likey El Nino - the last time it came around these parts we had a very mild winter. Tomorrow the kids and I will be spending the day with my BFF and her three girls. It looks like rain so instead of going to the beach I think we'll be bowling.

A work friend's 7 yo daughter had a nasty accident on a motorized scooter last weekend. She cracked her upper jaw so hard her two front teeth fell out and there's only a 5% chance the transplant will take. She also has severe road rash on her lower jaw and quite a few stitches on her face and arms. NO head injury thank goodness - she was wearing a bike helmet. Just hearing about it made me think back to a terrible accident Sassy had at 2 yo. She fell out our second story sliding glass window - no deck - onto concrete 9 feet below. I about died when I looked out the window and saw my baby lying there without any movement. By the time I ran outside our one neighbor had jumped their fence to hold her head still and the other neighbor called 911. She had two hairline skull fractures and a swollen eye that turned from red to purple to black & blue then finally yellow - you could have fit a golf ball under her eye. We've seen otolaryngologists and other doctors over the years but have found no permanent damage. Other than she's naturally blonde. When she does something particularly ditzy, we humor her and remind her she had a head injury. 'Cause we're compassionate like that.

Chunky has basketball camp next week. When I picked him up from summer "school" today he asked how long the days will be (probably because I picked him up 5 minutes before close and he "hates to be the last one", though I think he'd secretly like to see me owe them money for overtime). I tell him 9am to 3pm and he says "Man, I'm going to be tired. I bet I'll be dripping in sweat every day when you pick me up." Oh goody. Note to self: put a towel in the car for Chunky's sweat drippings on the drive home. Maybe I'll hose him off in the driveway too so he doesn't stink up the house on his way to catch some Z's. Again, compassionate family here.

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