March 6, 2009

RIP Maisie Daisy

Our sweet little Maisie (aka Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty or Boo-Boo) went to visit Queenie, Raven, Tootsie and Sami in kitty heaven today. I noticed she had gotten sick in a few places around the house a couple of days ago and then she stopped eating altogether on Wednesday. By yesterday she was thin and lethargic so I knew it was dire. I called the vet this morning and made an appt for 4:30. By 5:30 she was gone - acute renal failure with less than 50% chance of survival with intensive medical intervention. Here she is in her third most favorite room of the house (after the top of the dryer and Sassy Lassy's room). I love that the sun is shining on her and "the moose" (aka Maddie Rose our 85 lb wonder dog). Rest in peace Boo-Boo kitty - we love you.

1 comment:

  1. We are so sorry to hear about Maisie...we know she will be missed. She was a lucky kitty to have such a wonderful family.