March 5, 2009


In just 8 days I will be celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary. WOW! How'd I get this old?! I feel compelled to share that I'm frequently asked if I married as a teen :) Unfortunately I have to answer "uh, technically yes". Not unfortunately because I married, rather because I married so young (three weeks before my 20th birthday - OMG now I've shared my age!). Yes I thought I knew everything, but am a l-i-t-t-l-e wiser now. I can't believe it's been that many years. We've had our ups and downs (which makes me think of "Auntie Mame" the original of course), but I believe today I'm with my one true love (okay now thinking of "Enchanted" - I watch too much TV). I was reading MckMama's Love the one your with post and though I don't have the same "call" as she, I definitely agree with her overall - marriage is loving the unlovable. And to be honest I fall in the unlovable category as much as or more than hubby does. In recent years we've embraced the Will & Jada Smith philosophy - divorce is not an option. Murder on the other hand ...

Random related thought - I am loving myself for thinking about a trip to the Conservatory this Saturday to take photos of cherubic children for Easter cards. I am infamous for thinking a lot and doing little (again, why doesn't thinking burn calories??!!), so wish me luck.

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