June 22, 2013

Good Vibrations

Every three years we seem to have some major appliance issue. Three years ago it was the dryer which required a brand new one with washer only a couple of months later. Thankfully the washer was an easy fix then, but shortly after it began vibrating so much that it walked across the floor. We (actually Chunky) have been stuffing things on either side to stabilize - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I figured it was the floor, the base, something. I'd asked Hubby to look at it over the years and he always said everything was fine. I finally had enough this week when a catheter leak meant mucho loads of laundry and all the washer rumbling made the dryer come unhooked. Off to Sears as we're loyal to them for all our appliance needs. The sales guy told me "heavy vibration" was a common issue with first generation front load washers. Ha! I feel so vindicated. It was a major decision ... there are A LOT of choices! Do I get the same brand as the dryer? It's three years old with many design changes so no matter as they won't look like a matched set anyway. Steam or no steam? 3.6, 4.3 or 5.1 capacity? 4 cycles or 40? OMG! I finally decided on 4.3 same brand as the dryer and steam - it was a lower mid price point with just enough selections so won't need a physics degree or pilot license to run it. I'm also getting rid of the bases - while the height is nice for loading/unloading convenience, they partially cover the window. Having them lower will give me another work surface and I could stand to do more deep knee bends as it may often be one of the only forms of exercise I get.

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