June 30, 2013

Party Planning

We're looking forward to hanging out at Hubbys' cousin's farm for the annual 4th of July multi-day fun fest. I sure hope the weather is good. I love planning what food to bring - it needs to be family friendly, a good quantity for pot luck and of course holiday themed. Here's what's on my list so far -

Chicken Dip - the second most requested appetizer I make after bacon wrapped kielbasa; I like to use the more subtle green pepper sauce instead of buffalo
Party Ham Sandwiches - winning combo of delicious and easy
Potato Salad - torn between buying pre-made or making my own "light" recipe
Corn on the Cob - plain and either chili lime butter or roasted in chile coconut milk
Snack Mix - great blend of salty and sweet plus themed M&Ms if I can find them
Mini Cheesecakes - I've been dying to try these with Nilla Wafers for crusts
Pinwheel Icebox Cookies - I made these today and put them in the freezer to bake later in the week

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