June 6, 2013

Fresh Coat

Our home was built the year we were married - 1987. At that time wallpaper was still somewhat popular for home decorating. I can't imagine how the wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom (aka kids' bathroom) was ever popular - the floral foil pattern screamed "Help, I'm trapped in the 80's and can't get out". Needless to say we covered that up two minutes after we moved in. The wallpaper covering most of the main level wasn't bad. It was a mauve color with a bit of texture that cast a nice glow throughout the house due to the low level of natural light and woodwork. We left it alone as it was in really good shape and not too offensive. Fast forward 7 years and it was time to go.

This is a low quality close up -
Here's the difference -
BEFORE                                                            AFTER

It looks fresh, modern and clean! At least until a dog, kid or certain person in a wheelchair marks it up. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it was worth every penny to have it professionally done. We did the main rooms upstairs, stairwell and downstairs hall all in the same color. The color selection was less painful than I thought it would be - I was worried about it looking too yellow, dirty or even too light so the painters picked out neutral colors and provided samples on poster boards for us to compare. Sassy wanted something darker, but Hubby and I decided on Benjamin Moore's Shelburne Buff. I think we got it just right!

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