March 17, 2013

Spring Something

I'm not much of a Spring cleaner. I'm not much of a cleaner in general ... I should be, but I'm not. I am however a master organizer. I would have a field day in someone's closet. If you watch Big Bang Theory, think Sheldon in Bernadette and Howard's closet last week. For example, I have all the paperwork including medical bills and equipment manuals, as well as encouragement cards and every known publication on the topic of quadriplegia/spinal cord injuries related to Hubby's injury organized in a fabric bin. I keep it on our laundry room counter - it looks good and is super convenient as I've had to reference frequently over the past several months. So rather than write the first draft of a paper due for Marketing class in three weeks, I've been organizing and cooking multipurpose-style like a mad woman. The accountant and Goodwill benefited greatly from my mad skills. I feel really good on one hand, but really bad on the other. Think bickering devil on one shoulder and angel on the other - the inner workings of my mind are a constant mystery.

On the cooking front, I made a batch of wild rice earlier in the week to include in stuffed peppers. I used the leftover meat "stuffing" that didn't fit into all the peppers to make a meatloaf at the same time. I also cooked a second turkey breast (the one that didn't fit in the crock pot) and had so much left over that I made up two freezer packages for later use. I cooked some bacon in the oven earlier today to include a few pieces in an impromptu casserole for tonight's dinner. The casserole was made with some of the turkey and wild rice I made earlier in the week (along with some of the gravy!). Then I set aside the majority of the bacon to use in BLT sandwiches later this week (the slices stay flat instead of buckled when cooked in the oven). My freezer is full of meals and I feel so accomplished. Can you see me patting myself on the back?!

Now, that darn paper ...

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