March 12, 2013

Link worthy

Ok, so I know I've been super lazy lately by posting photos or content with mostly links. It's hard to be original when others have such amazing thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it's just easier to share and say "ditto". Nevertheless, I realize this doesn't help me in the creativity department or anyone reading this with the who is she and why does she even have a blog department.

But. This. Is. Worthy. I promise!

I've been wanting to make this 3 ingredient crock pot turkey recipe for some time and I got a bee in my bonnet this weekend. The verdict - delicious! We love to have mock Thanksgiving at my house.

I may have run to the store to get the "right" size turkey when the crock pot lid didn't cover the 5lb-er. The recipe should come with a disclaimer 'bout that. Yeah, turkey later this week too! I may have also started later in the day than intended because she-who-does-not-watch-the-news didn't know it was daylight savings. Whatevs, don't judge me.

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