March 27, 2013

Flat or full

How do you like your macaroons? They should be plump, perfectly rounded little pillows. Sadly, mine look like this -

I purchased this book - for a pittance at $5 - because I dream of living out my life in a warm climate while toiling away in a little bake shop. Ah the good life.

I toiled in my kitchen last Sunday - almond meal check, pistachios check, pastry bag check, parchment paper check, new spatulas thanks to early birthday gift from mom check, endless patience uh, no. It was hard work and required a lot of energy to keep furry kids away from the goods. There may also be a reason that book was $5. I researched my little heart out - instead of writing my school paper - and found that I need to add the sugar to my egg whites earlier in the whipping process. That's how I'll be spending next Sunday.

Happy Easter mom! 

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