March 24, 2013

Amazing Amazon

I've been ordering from for quite some time. I'm not a power shopper or anything, but I like the selection, prices and free shipping. We buy supplies for hubby's needs, shows on demand through our Smart TV and I download e-books and apps for my Kindle. I was recently in the market for a pair of beige open toe wedge heels. I purchased a black pair last year and they were the perfect summer work shoe so I fgured a beige pair would round out my needs when black wasn't the best fit.

These came into my life via Amazon -

Unfortunately they weren't quite right. I prefer not to have much space between the front of the shoe and where my toes start - it looks like the shoe is too big and my toes are squatty. So I decided to return them and notified Amazon. They instructed me to leave the box for pick up outside my front door for UPS to collect. A week passed. I notified Amazon that UPS had not picked up and received a reply that UPS had been notified. Another week went by. I sent Amazon another email last night and received a reply within moments ... they were contacting UPS. I received another reply a few moments later saying that it was too expensive for another UPS pick up so I would be credited and could "dispose" of the shoes any way I'd like. Amazing. I guess I'll be keeping the shoes after all. They weren't expensive, less than $35, or I'd feel terribly guilty. Amazon's customer service is beyond compare ... I'm a lifer.

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