March 25, 2011

I see ...

It was supposed to read "my yard" as I was planning out my posts earlier this week, but sadly I see more snow. It ain't pretty here folks We had rain the first couple days of the week which melted a lot of snow and cleared off the streets and driveways. But then the temp went down, the water froze to ice and it started snowing. Again. It's been a long 4 months. We were only supposed to get a couple of inches, but we got at least 4. Of course the plow came by before I left for work and left a mountain at the end of the driveway. Gil didn't have it in him and got stuck. At the end of the driveway. After 15 minutes of digging out, I decided there was no way I could go to work sweaty Betty needed a shower and I was not about to dig out Sassy's car too. I left my car in the street and let Sassy take it to school. Then I sent Chunky out to shovel. He lasted awhile then complained that he had to go to school. selfish He waited for the bus for almost 20 minutes before he came to the door (snow still coming down). I told him he could stay home if he shoveled the driveway. Thankfully he was inside warming up when the bus came by 10 minutes later. I feel that Mom of the year award coming any moment now

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