April 12, 2010


Sassy has an exciting opportunity. While spending a little mother-daughter bonding time at MOA the other week, she was having a grand ole time trying on freakishly expensive clothes at Nordstrom's by her favorite designer. I informed her she could look and touch, but we weren't buying. She caught the eye of a sales lady who had just transferred to Women's from the Teen department and suggested that Sassy apply for their Teen Fashion Board:
  • Learn about the history of fashion and design
  • Get the ins and outs on trend forecasting, careers in buying, advertising/marketing, styling and the world of retail
  • Meet guest speakers from fashion insiders
  • Learn how Nordstrom develops its own labels and merchandise

She had to complete an application, write a personal essay, write a dream fashion job essay, complete a project (collage of her own fashion style) and get two letters of recommendation. Pretty serious. She obtained two recommendations from teachers. I almost cried they were so wonderful - we're having them framed.

One teacher said:
Sassy has proven to be a hard working and self-motivated student and often exceeds expectations. She takes personal responsibility for her success as she asks thoughtful questions and contributes to class on a daily basis. She is a clear leader in class, is friendly and is respected by her peers, classmates and teachers. She has a positive attitude and is a hard woker. She takes initiative and is always willing to help others get the job done. It is clear that Sassy wishes to make a difference in others' lives and she is constantly seeking opportunities to do this and improve herself and gain new skills. She would be an incredible asset to the Nordstrom Fashion Board and I am positive she would bring insight and understanding that is refreshing and helpful.

Another teacher said:
Sassy is an independent person in the way she thinks and acts, but also when given a project, works well with others. I have written a lot of recommendations and they all speak to motivation, leadership, grades, etc. Sassy has all of that, but what makes her stand out in my mind is her individuality, creativity and enthusiasm. It seems she always has an idea about something or an observation that no one else has. I look forward to hearing what she will think of next. I look forward to seeing Sassy every day. She is happy, interesting and truly unique.

I couldn't have said it any better myself, but I'm a little biased. Maybe I'm not such a bad mother afterall - or perhaps she's her father's daughter :)

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