February 6, 2010

It's that time of year again

Remember last year's Sno-Daze dance? Evidently I spelled the name of the event incorrectly last year. Who knew?

I took Sassy and Sprinkle grocery shopping earlier today so they I could buy fixins to make dinner for their beaus (beaus they asked, what does that mean?). They made spaghetti with sausage, salad, garlic bread and virgin mimosas. I offered individual chocolate lava cakes I had in the freezer for dessert and they begrudgingly took my offer. Their attitude reminds me of the two-year old stage - I do it myself!

Almost the same cast of characters as last year, except for the change in Sassy's boyfriend (Steven - 8 months strong now) and minus one girlfriend who didn't want to feel like a fifth wheel. Please note: the shoes got an upgrade this year.

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