February 5, 2010

Accident Prone

Thursday nights are crazy around here. Chunky has Science Club after school until 4:45 and basketball practice 6-7:15, then Sassy has volleyball practice 7:30-9:45. It's a lot of running. Thursdays are typically drive-thru dinner nights, but I had made a big dinner Wednesday so we had leftovers (balsamic flank steak, cheesy potatoes and green beans - yum!). Things were going as smoothly as possible - we were also experiencing a small rain/snow storm which makes driving oh so much fun - until I received a text at 7:39. I may have broken my finger. God bless Sassy, she is very accident prone. She had a terrible fall from our second story at two years old and only suffered two hairline skull fractures (thank the Lord), has had at least two sets of stitches - one above her eye, broken her wrist (a less than 10.0 landing following a jump off the neighbor's swingset) and a sprained ankle. I'm not even mentioning all the falls, bumps, bruises, etc. that seem to occur on a weekly basis. I picked her up promptly and saw that her right pinky was indeed very swollen and red (though the color was likely due to the 10 gallon bag of ice on her finger). I called Chunky to let him know I needed to bring Sassy to the Dr - there's an Urgent Care 5 minutes from the house - so he should just go to bed and we'd be home soon. He called just as we were about to pull in the UC lot to say someone had played ding-dong-ditch on him. So I turned around to pick him up and saw zero footprints in the snow leading up to the front door. hmmmm, can you say drama boy? When we finally made it back to the UC it was 10:09 and they close at 10:00. I really did not want to go to the hospital ER, but it's just too early in the year to receive the bad mother of the year award. I hate hospitals and such - anywhere there's sick people. Exceptions are made for extreme cases and visting loved ones of course. My luck this was extreme and since the hospital was only 2 miles down the road, off we went. I prayed we wouldn't be in the vicinity of anyone with H1N1 or other nasty catchy stuff. We got in right away - didn't even sit in the waiting room. Cute triage nurse (male), cute x-ray tech (male) and VERY cute ER Dr (male). Sassy now wants to be a Dr or at least work in a hospital! The Dr said she had a small break and would have to wear a splint for 6 weeks. He also said the broken bone was protruding slightly into the adjacent joint so she would need to see an orthopedic hand specialist to monitor the healing process. We made it home by 11:00pm so it was a whirlwind. Let's look on the upside - there will be less volleyball posts for the next 6 weeks :)

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