February 24, 2010

I get around

I could only do so many posts in a row starting with the letter "S"!

I am in Dallas now - Irving to be precise. I have more work travel in March though I did bow out of a trip to D.C. because I felt like it was too much plus I have my darn school paper due soon. I don't mind traveling at all, I actually enjoy it. The only part I don't enjoy is leaving the kids and sometimes their having to miss things like a practice or event. They're good kids and have many privileges so I think they'll be okay. We'll see what their therapy bill looks like in the future. I was seated in first class today next to a nice gentleman from TX. He works in an oil field in Minot, North Dakota. I didn't know there was oil there! I guess it's huge and people who had farmed the land for years are now getting six figure paychecks - monthly. I'm glad someone is. We exchanged stories about some of the places we've traveled. Turns out he lived in New Mexico for awhile and went to grade school in the same town where my mom lived several years ago (Placitas). He'd even heard of this amazing outdoor spa my mom took me to called Ojo Caliente. I'm thinking not many people can say they've soaked in arsenic! Well, off to dinner. I bowed out of a whirlyball invitation - I am challenged enough without adding driving while trying to shoot a whiffleball to my list of humiliations - I don't get around THAT much.

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