February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhound Day

Yes, I know it's technically Groundhog Day, but this is what I typed and I decided to go with it. You see, I have a mild case ahem of OCD and am concerned about repeating titles, unless I'm posting a series (see Take it Off Tuesday, NYC trip or Summer Journal Entry). Even then, I must number them to differentiate. So, since Groundhog day is an annual "event" I decided to stick with my freakishly odd title and save Groundhog for a future post title. I have just told you so much about myself. If someone reading this is a mental health professional, please leave your info in the comment section - I obviously need help.

I should be working - as in work work. I am over-my-head busy and am practicing displacement behavior by blogging this very post. I am totally psyched about the premier episode for the final season of Lost tonight. I am completely addicted to that show. I really can't watch any new shows - I simply must whittle down my viewing repetoire - so I hope ABC doesn't put anything good in its place. If they replace it with a reality series, I'm all good. I've decided I can't stand those shows. I'm even giving up Dancing With The Stars - it has run its course.

Speaking of Groundhog Day, what day would you want to repeat over and over again? I initially thought the day of my kids' births, but there was some degree of pain involved (though Chunky arrived 10 minutes after I got on the delivery table). There are two periods of my adult life that I consider "magical" and would repeat in a heartbeat. The first is when Sassy was about two years old and she joined me on my daily commute. I enrolled her in a day care center near my work 20+ miles from home following the close of her cheap and fantabulous home day care (mom wanted to go back to school and make something of herself, go figure). We spent at least 40 minutes together each way chatting or singing along to a Winnie the Pooh cassette tape (yes I'm THAT old). Hubby traveled for work a lot back then and Sassy and I would have theme nights - one night we'd dance for hours to salsa or some other music, another we'd play in the tub and eat messy foods like popscicles, etc. It was awesome. I miss that kid. Such a cute little girl. The second period I'd live over and over is right after Chunky was born. I loved that kid - still do, but it was a deep lust back then - and he was the perfect snuggler. I could only afford to take 8 weeks off from work and I took advantage of every moment. Sassy was in Kindergarten and my MIL would take her each morning and then Chunky and I would snuggle all day before we picked up Sassy from school. Then we'd all come home to eat, dance, play, laugh and Chunky and I would snuggle some more. It was wonderful. Where did the time go?!

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