September 12, 2009


My first class was wonderful - great energy, terrific instructor and 14 amazing classmates with a 20-yr range in age and diverse backgrounds (only one guy in the bunch!). I was exhausted by the time I got home (after 10pm and I started work at 7:15am) but oddly energized as well. I was really looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation today. What better way to achieve that than shopping?! I went to MOA with my MIL and got the cutest blouse and funky shoes.

I felt a little guilty shopping while Sassy had a volleyball tournament, but I needed the break and the tourney was 30 miles away with an hour between each game (yawn). I sent her with lots of good luck and I think it worked because they won first place! They'll be playing one of their chief rivals (the school Sassy attended last year) on the 14th and these teams are tied for first place in the conference. Go Polars!

Another first is the only element of my backyard that doesn't make me cringe - the blooming 'sweet autumn' clematis vine we planted along the west side of the dog fence. Hubby cannot believe how much the spindly plant I brought home in early May has grown. Never fear, project backyard beautification is underway and I'm optimistic I'll be proud to share a photo of the entire backyard a year from now.

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