May 20, 2009

NYC Part 1

Hubby is out of town and I'm bonding with my DVR - I have some serious catching up to do. Season finale of Desperate Housewives was a little flat for me. I'm assuming Mike marries Susan. I thought it odd that Susan's first husband would attend the wedding if Mike was marrying Katherine. Tomorrow is Chunky's annual spring concert at school. I usually secure first or second row seats at the Spring Fun Fest auction but this year I was too busy in the kitchen to pay close attention to the bidding. Alas, I will need to hike over there two hours early and save seats for Sassy and myself with a beach towel. We're classy like that. I'm listening to American Idol while I type this (I'm notorious for watching the finales of shows - I've only watched one or two regular episodes from beginning to end). OMG - they just sang Rod Stewart's "Do ya think I'm sexy?". What has the world come to?!

I was in NYC last weekend for a girls trip and had a blast. Where to start? My friend Mrs M and I arrived on Friday and planned to walk around midtown Manhattan. That went out the window fast when we heard the rest of our party (who had arrived on Thursday) was in Chinatown shopping (wink, wink). We did a little unpacking at "The Flea" (the hotel which in all fairness is pretty sharp after going through a two-year remodel) and raced ourselves to the nearest subway station. Destination: Canal Street. That place is insane - it's like a wreck, you can't help yourself from watching and getting sucked into the drama. We had dinner reservations at 6:00 and then off to see "In The Heights". More later - truth be told I'm still recovering from a lack of sleep and a lot of walking. Also, I don't want to miss anymore trainwreck flashbacks on American Idol. They're calling the acts"music royalty" - Lionel Ritchie, Kiss, etc. Steve Martin and some folky singers might be a stretch in that category.

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