May 28, 2009


I love tile, fabric and furnishings like some people love jewelry. Oh yeah, shiny stuff!
When we moved to our new (older) home three years ago, I desperately tried to talk my daughter into lovely mirrored furniture. She wrinkled her nose at it which probably saved me mucho dinero and my marriage since we purchased quality furniture for Sassy when she was three years old and it's still in beautiful condition. I dream of remodeling our entertainment room with a gas wall fireplace (black) surrounded by shiny tile (click on Products > Avani > Collection). I'd add a huge sectional in comfy fabric covered with funky pillows, then flank with hip lighting. Sprinkle in a forest or dandelions and that's one cool room. Unfortunately for me someone in South Dakota won the lottery so my dream room will have to wait. Dear South Dakota winner: if you're reading this, feel free to call me and I'll help you spend your money.

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