January 13, 2013


RIP Golden Dragon. Cause of death: motor fried because the driver didn't put oil in it (known oil leak).

I needed a new obsession for spending (wasting) time on my month off so started watching Breaking Bad. I'd heard good things about it and once again discovered I am late to the party. How was I not watching this awesome show for the past 4-5 years? Hubby and I are finishing season 4 now and anxiously awaiting the release of the first half of season 5 to catch up completely before the last half (and final season of the series) this summer.

Each of these has me thinking about a quote regarding consequences I once wrote down but can no longer find so don't know the source or accuracy ~

When you make bad choices, it is likely bad things will happen.
When you make good choices, it is less likely bad things will happen.

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