July 10, 2012

What's for dinner?

I make dinner at least four nights a week, sometimes more. We value having family dinners to stay connected with one another, though admittedly not all family members are present for every meal, as well as it being important that Hubby maintain good nutrition (as we all should). I struggle with creative ways to make good meals and am often in a hurry because I'm either coming home late, tired or need to do something else. I've found resources like eMeals and Let's Dish are super helpful, but they require a degree of planning I haven't been able to muster lately. This morning I frantically searched the freezer (all 10 items) to find a leftover container of spaghetti sauce and package of Italian sausage. Then I scored penne and a little extra tomato sauce in the pantry. You guesed it, we're having spaghetti! On the drive home from work I got to thinking it would be nice to serve garlic bread with the spaghetti and I remembered I had a loaf of ready to bake French bread in the freezer. I called Chunky and asked him to take it out for me so it would be thawed when I arrived home. Then I had an epiphany ... I should make PW's Olive Cheese Bread! I salivated over this when she made it on her Food Network program back in March. I couldn't recall if I had all the ingredients, but knew I had at least one type of olive and parmesan cheese so would improvise if needed. It turns out I had both types of olives and a shredded Italian cheese mix. I did end up improvising a bit by paring down the butter (half stick), adding minced garlic (from a jar of course) and parmesan. The green onions were omitted (none on hand) as was the mayo (I am so not a mayo lover). I made one half garlic/cheese only for picky kiddos and added olives to the other half for Hubby and myself. Oh my stars and garterbelts is this ever good! Make this bread - it will rock your world! And you deserve a reward for making it through this entire post :)

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