November 14, 2010

Food workout

Pom-gran-ach: this is the way my great-grandfather, Giovanni Minelli, said pomegranate his middle name was either Battista (like the Italian general) or Baptista (as in John the Baptist), I can't remember. The true italian transalation is melograno but I loved the way he said it in his husky accented voice. I thought he looked like the man in the Grace and Gratitude painting.

I love pomegranates, and eating one always makes me think of grandpa Minelli. The little seeds are tough to release from their cocoon, but it is SO worth. My favorite celebrity chef, Nigella, says to cut them in half, turn over and pound on the skin until the seeds "rain down". She says its therapeutic. I love you Nigella (she's my girl crush), but there's nothing therapeutic about having to clean up pomegrante juice which has been liberally splattered all over my kitchen. I rather enjoy peeling away the rind and membrane one section at a time to dig for the little nuggets. Pomegranates are said to have many health properties, but I love them 'cause they taste good - they way the juice bursts when you first bite into them and the delightful little crunch. I'm thinking the workout to release the little gems and the crunching burns calories; hence the oxymoron of this post's title. Off to make Sassy some popovers with honey butter - a special request to celebrate she made the JO volleyball team. Yeah - more volleyball posts are in our future!

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