October 22, 2010

RIP Sadie Mae

I wasn't sure if I would blog about this or not. The profile to the left has been changed to reflect one less furry kid in our home. Sadie Mae is gone and I hope she's playing with Maisie Daisy in a vast field of catnip at this very moment. You may recall photos of her laying in Maddie's bed or taking Abbie's food - that's the most we saw of her. She wasn't cuddly, friendly or interested in anything but sleeping and eating. She's been making messes all over the house to the point where certain areas smell like a cat box. It didn't matter where I moved her litter box, she just wouldn't use it regularly. She had also taken to going outside most nights. I didn't really mind, but worried she would bring something back into the house to make the other furry kids sick. She's also has been throwing up a lot - under my bed of all places. We adopted Sadie 9 years ago and don't know how old she was, but she was definitely an adult. We found her at the vet amongst the rescues and took her in. She and Maisie were best buds and unfortunately after Maisie died a year and a half ago Sadie has never been the same. She had a good 10+ years and I'm glad this was her home.

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