October 18, 2010

No soup for you

I don't think of this blog as a vehicle for advancing personal causes or bashing others. I do however feel the need to share things I'm passionate about or thoughts fighting for space in my head every once in awhile.

Sassy was invited to a friend's house for dinner the other night. The friend has had some challenges with school work so understandably the mom is very strict about social activities coming after responsibilities are met. Soon after Sassy arrived (late hour by our dinner standards, 7:00, and we had already eaten), the mom started "grilling" their child in front of Sassy - the friend assured mom all school and house work were complete before Sassy arrived. One last question about a book report due a week or so later sent Sassy packing without dinner. Uh, could the mom have talked with their child privately in another room? Or perhaps before Sassy arrived at their home? Could they have said it would be an early night and required the report be done the next day? Balancing strictness and sensitivity would be optimal. How embarrassing for the friend! It put Sassy in an awkward place and I do not think it's cool to send my kid home without dinner as that was one of the reasons she was there. This is definitely not a hill to die on and Sassy won't starve, but I'm not fond of the way this mom handled the situation. I think it's strange at the very least and fighting for space in my head under the heading "what the ...?".

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