October 16, 2010

Burn baby burn

We had a bonfire last night. Both Sassy and Chunky had friends over. It was good, clean fun. Not sure if it's clean for the environment, but my hot dog and s'more sure were good.

Volleyball update: Sassy's school faced off against the private school rival again at yesterday's tournament. Unfortunately I had to leave for acctg class after the first two wins against other schools. Sassy was upset before I left because she wasn't playing her best and the coach had asked her to be a leader after another girl was hurt and unable to play. I gave her a mom pep talk (the past is the past, pick yourself up and move on from here, be the best YOU you can be, yada yada) and wished her the best. They won the the first set, lost the second and the third was close but the coach made an "odd" choice and put in a less seasoned player. I heard it wasn't pretty. One game left and then the we'll see where they stand for the season.

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