June 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Hubby got a bee in his bonnet and decided to deep clean last weekend. The master bed/bath. It took all day just to do those two rooms. He is VERY thorough. The windows and walls were washed, floors and furniture polished, nooks and crannies de-cluttered. It was a very productive day.

We started the day with an argument about two things - bed throw pillows and my pilates chair.

You know the mountain of pillows one puts on the bed for decoration once or twice a year when it's really important to show your best? Perhaps you do that everyday, sorry I'm too lazy for that. I kept the big ones (euro shams?) on the window seat for when Sassy and Chunky come in to hang out. I kept the smaller ones (american shams? and neck roll) on a wicker basket in the corner. They weren't hurting anyone. As a matter of fact I thought they looked just fine seeing as they went with the bedroom theme. Hubby did not agree. He thought they were an eyesore. What did any of these pillows ever do to him?! He put on my least favorite hat and I gave in - it was too much to bear. Off the pillows went in large plastic bags to be stored under the stairs. I already warned him that he will be the one bringing them back up when needed. Maybe this is the year we have a lot of showy occasions and he'll have to schlep them up and down numerous times. Ha! I was successful in retaining one pillow for Sassy. She's too old/cool to lay in bed with her parents for goodness sake so the girl has to have something to relax with if we ever want to see her out of her cave.

Next he started in on my rarely used but perfectly unobtrusive pilates chair. That's it! How am I supposed to be inspired to use it if I can't see it?! It's a perfectly good perch for a cat, drink, magazines, laptop, books, etc. It has purpose dammit!

Me 1.25 - Hubby .75
'Twas the night before Spring Cleaning, when all through the house
No creatures were stirring, not even a mouse
The blinds were washed in the bathtub with care,
In hopes that Hubby would soon wash the window glare


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