March 27, 2010

Breaks and Links

We are all on spring break. Woohoo! My last class of the winter term was last evening. I received an "A" for my call to action speech (why you shouldn't shop at Wal-Mart) and turned in my position paper (same topic). The paper is 40% of my final grade so let's cross fingers that I get at least a "B". I'll start school again in July for a two-week intensive course: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership. My cherubs will go back to school after Easter. Speaking of which we're going to have brunch on Easter at one of my places - St. Paul Grill - which is in the historic Saint Paul Hotel.

On a random note, the annual girls NYC trip is gearing up for mid-May. We've confirmed flights, hotel and are thinking of taking in two plays: Billy Elliot and Rock of Ages. We've also confirmed another walking tour - Chocolate, Desserts & Wine of New York's Upper West Side.

Discover some of the newest, best, and coolest eateries, shops & restaurants in Manhattan while eating and learning about some of the most delicious desserts and wines you've ever had!Taste a wide variety of treats such as: Artisanal Chocolate Truffles & Bon Bons Crunchy, Gooey Fresh Baked Cookies Decadent Pastries & Savory Bites Varietal Dark Chocolates from South America Creamy Hazelnut Gelato A Selection of Fine Red & Sparkling Wines from Around the Globe

I'm hoping we also make it back to two favorite eateries from last year: Rosa Mexicano in Union Square and Cuba in Washington Square. Mrs M and I may take a break from the rest of the group one night to visit a comedy club or take in live music. A co-worker who is a local jazz musician had some great suggestions:

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