December 5, 2009

So Much Shopping, So Little Time

The arctic is snowless these days. Never fear, it's still plenty cold (25° tops). We did a little holiday shopping today. For some reason I'm really struggling for ideas this year. I didn't know what to get the girls at work and I got tired of overanalyzing so they're getting......what I give them :) I bought Sassy a cute sundress for our upcoming vacation and myself some clothes at my favorite store to celebrate the (almost) end of my first grad class. Just one more paper due in 6 days. Last night was the last class and we had a potluck. I made savory goat cheese & herb biscotti but they turned out a bit more toasted than intended (darn oven). I served the lightest ones along with hard salami and herb cheese spread. Another classmate brought homemade tamales (yum!), while others brought salads, veggies, cheeses and even pizza. We had quite a smorgasbord. In other news, Chunky had his first basketball game for teams A and B this week. He's made a lot of improvement and things are going well. Let's hope that continues!

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