December 21, 2009

Baby Names

I'm now thinking Ava Elisabeth and Giovanni (Van) Robert for the twins' names. note: I am not pregnant, just have an overactive imagination/dream cycle. I wonder if I'll still have baby names picked out when I'm past childbearing age. This makes me laugh because when I visited my grandma (dad's mom) while pregnant with my kids she would tell me what her girls names would have been if she had had more kids. I think she wanted girls - she had two boys and unfortunately both passed away before her. Grandma was 87 when Sassy was born and her favorite name was Allison. I entertained the idea of using it for a moment, but just couldn't.

The top three girl names for 1994 were Jessica, Ashley and Emily. My favorite name at the time was Emma but Hubby hated it. Said it sounded like an old lady. I've always liked Emma - it was my other Grandma's (mom's mom) middle name. She hated it too, but I thought it was better than her first name, Angeline. Her mother wanted to name her Juanita Rose, but great-grandpa won out. Emma was the #1 name in 2008 so I must have been progressive back in 1994. The name we chose for Sassy was #106 then. It was the ONLY one Hubby and I agreed upon. Her middle name is after Hubby's maternal grandmother. She would have been named Andrew (Drew) if a boy which was the 12th most popular boy name in 1994. Grandma was 93 when Chunky was born and still liked Allison. I was sure I was having a boy so picked out only one girl name, Annabelle. The top three boy names for 1999 were Jacob, Michael and Matthew. Chunky's name was #117 and my favorite - I got to choose whatever I wanted since Hubby selected Sassy's. Chunky shares Hubby's middle name to keep with tradition for a family name. Hubby sure gets a lot of choices around here. I'll have to work on that.

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