July 28, 2009

Take It Off Tuesday #4

I'm baaaack! I lost the 1.5 gained over vacation and am back to starting weight. Hey, could be worse. Seriously. I'll take what I can get.

And now a word from the zoo -
Remember this post about my "old" cat Sadie? And this one about my new cat Sookie? Well the good news is Sadie doesn't screech anymore (it truly was the most horrendous noise). The bad news part 1: Sookie meows when she knows it's time for food - morning and night feedings. It's sort of a cute kitty meow and she only does it after I've gotten out of bed or it looks like I may be walking to the laundry room (food in locked bin in closet). Bad news part 2: Sadie rarely comes out from under the bed. We assume she makes a break for the litter box at some point since there's no malodour. There are reported sightings in the shower (water fountain?), Sassy's bedroom (she doesn't even like Sassy, or at least didn't previously) and on the DVR box (used to love sitting on my laptop, presumably for the warmth). I believe the appropriate word to describe her these days is "traumatized". Beyond belief.

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