August 31, 2013


How is it possible that this is the last day of August?! This has been a good "season" ... I think of summer as the time between Memorial and Labor Days ... not too short but of course I wish it would go on forever, especially the milder weather we had a few weeks ago. Back to school is just a couple of days away ... Chunky in 8th grade (last at his K-8 Catholic school) and Sassy a college sophomore ... and the season wouldn't be complete without the annual tradition of the Great Minnesota Get-Together. It's something you either love or hate and we love it. I didn't take many photos it was 90°+, but got a few of our favorite roosters from the Sheep & Poultry barn, the championship Hen & Tom turkeys as well as a food item I'd never tried before - Bayou Bob's Alligator (tasted like chicken).

Bring on the next great tradition ... Halloween!

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