August 27, 2013

Berry Good

We all know I love sweets, but somehow cobbler has never been on my hit list. While I lived in the south - Texas is the south, right? - for a few years, I never picked up a hankering for cooking southern food. Not sure if cobbler is a southern thing or not, but that's what I've associated it with. All that has recently changed - first this cake and now this cobbler. Oh my griddles, it's amazing! I ripped the recipe out of a People magazine I bought for a read on my recent trip to Sconny and have made it three, four times already. I use any kind of berry on hand that's looking a little overripe. My extra special twist is to add a few sliced almonds in the berry mix. Next time I make it - now? - I'm going to use almond meal instead of flour. I bet it will rock my world.

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