August 23, 2013


I've been working on a post about my recent rejuvenating trip to sunny northeast Wisconsin to see my BFF and family. Then I had a great night out with one of my girlfriends this week (Milwaukee born and raised) and dished with another favorite girlfriend who I missed while she was on vacation last week (Appleton born and Indiana raised) and realized all three of these great ladies are from Wisconsin! There's a fourth girlfriend in Hudson I need to connect with who will put it over the top (though she wasn't born a Sconny just lives there now, that's a technicality we'll overlook). There may be others I'm forgetting - shout out if you're reading this and are a Sconny girl!

My trip to WI was wonderful ... I loved spending time with my BFF and her family. And the little dogs too. I didn't have to do anything ... get up at a certain time, make meals (though I happily volunteered to make pancakes one morning), divvy up pills. Nothing. And I got to sleep through the ENTIRE night for three nights in a row. Sheer heaven! sigh

I was honored they took time to take me on my first trip to Door County. Love it! We ate and visited an art fair in Egg Harbor, stopped at a general store near Fish Creek, then shopped and ate ice cream in Sister Bay. If I had to pick a favorite place I'd say Pipka's - they had this amazing almond cake I will be making soon as well as beautiful French inspired scents, jewelry and doodads. Everyone at home got t's and I bought myself a pair of stylish Crocs sandals on sale. These shoes are so comfortable it might be illegal. They will forever be known as my Door County sandals.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Wisconsin! I am born & bred, although I haven't lived there in more than two decades I still love to visit, including DC. One of my most fav places, and of course were I got married (in Egg Harbor!). Happy to hear that you got to relax a bit :)