July 6, 2013

Sad Saturday

Unfortunately Hubby and I did not make it to the annual fun fest. He is under the weather with an infected pressure wound/skin ulcer on his right elbow. Not sure if it's the infection or antibiotics that are making him sick (or both). He was given a general antibiotic (clindamycin) at the doctor's office the other day, but they called yesterday to say he needed something more specific (ciprofloxacin) based on culture results. The wound clinic associated with his primary Dr doesn't have an opening until the 19th so on my mother's recommendation I called the vascular center seen for a wound while in the hospital almost two years ago. Thankfully he can get in on the 9th so we can get this under control. In the meantime we're hanging out in bed sleeping (him), reading/paper writing (me) and watching TV (both). The kids went to the farm without us and they're having fun. Rain is predicted later but I'm hoping it holds off long enough for them to enjoy fireworks.

The change in plans - we had an inking yesterday - means I didn't go crazy with food. I bought a cut up grilled chicken from the grocery the other day so sent that with a bag of chips and previously made pinwheel cookies with the kids. The cookies don't look like the recipe photo, but they sure taste good. I think I need to roll them tighter. I bought coconut milk to make grilled corn on the cob and decided to extended it for a new kabob recipe (used red pepppers instead of apricots). The corn "bath" didn't really add a lot of flavor so I won't go to the extra trouble to do that again (corn was tasty enough on its own). Accompanied by some wild rice I keep in the freezer it was a super yummy supper. I just wish Hubby had enough an appetite to enjoy it with me.

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