May 16, 2013


More evidence of Susie's charmed life -

I just wanted to send a note to my peeps to say what a true pleasure it has been working with all of you. I am out on Medical Leave as of today and am not certain how long I will be out or if I will be given the opportunity (God willing) to come back but this has been a wonderful place to work. The people here are most amazing and I feel so very fortunate to have built such great relationships in my work home. I hope you all feel that same way and can look back and really appreciate how many opportunities we have been given.
What I want to share most is a hope that everyone appreciates your journey here on earth each and everyday. I know it's not always easy but time goes so fast and we forget the special opportunities like hugs, kisses, laughter, tears, learning, eating, playing, vacationing, working, and all the other wonderful earthly pleasures we forget about on a daily basis. If I had one wish for each and every one of you it would be to truly take at least 20 minutes out of every day to appreciate an earthly pleasure. Have lunch or call a friend, read a book, eat a favorite dessert, go for a walk or bike ride, sing a song, make amends, etc. etc. We are here for such a short time so enjoy it while you can.

Well said. May everyone this reaches appreciate the journey.

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