May 3, 2013


I do not feel charmed. At all. But I have a new goal ... to say that I've led a charmed life. A coworker told me this week that the breast cancer she beat months ago is back. This time in her lungs. And it's terminal. We sat together, laughed, cried and talked about life, death and everything in between. Of all the things we touched on, the most profound to me is when she said she's led a charmed life. How many people can say that?! She has a husband she loves deeply who loves her, two incredible college-age daughters, traveled all over and had amazing experiences. How many people can say they've led a charmed life when faced at the end of theirs? Especially a life cut too short. My new goal is to feel that I've led a charmed life. Maybe it's being more appreciative of what I already have, maybe it's figuring out what's missing or what new experiences would nurture my soul. Or a combination of these. I want to honor Susie by believing I've led a charmed life and I want to be able to say it sooner rather than later.

Are you charmed?

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