May 20, 2012

Prom 2012 Recap

Last night was Sassy's senior prom. We were a little more low-key than last year. This year's dress was from Rent the Runway - best idea ever! Sassy picked out the gown she wanted a couple of months ago, selected two sizes (standard, one price) and then a back-up gown. She ended up choosing the back-up gown. Her first choice was the same dress in gold sequins - it photographed beautifully, but the red was really special in person and was perfect for her skin tone and hair color. She wore inexpensive earrings from Macy's (which were strategically selected so I can wear in the future!), gladiator sandals and a good friend styled her hair - she didn't want an up-do, rather more of an old Hollywood vibe. I think she looks perfect!

The happy couple - it wasn't easy to get his hair in the photo!
Family photo
Good looking group

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