May 22, 2011

Prom 2011 Recap

Yesterday was the big day. You'd think it was a wedding with all the planning and excitement. There was even a garter. Don't ask me why, it's just what everyone does I was told.

Grandma treated Sassy to a professional "updo". She wanted Natalie Portman's Oscar hairdo.

She had her nails done the night before with a color that closely matched her dress along with the new shatter look. I did her makeup with a light smoky eye ala Miss Portman again.

Here is a shot of the coursage, garter and shoes. She bought her shoes in Italy for $15 USD! She claims her feet don't hurt a bit today. The coursage and boutonniere were cranberry calla lilies.

The venue was Landmark Center.

I made reservations for them at Pazzaluna - Italian of course - as it was close enough so they could walk and nice enough that the ladies would feel elegant in showing off their gowns. Sassy ordered gnocchi and her boyfriend ordered steak so they shared her two most favorite foods in the world. awwwww

The happy couple -

With their dining partners -

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