June 5, 2011

Ramblings II

I'm upset with Playlist for two reasons: 1) The auto start function isn't working so you have to click play at the bottom to start the music. Annoying! Doesn't the advancement of technology enable things to just happen instead of having to do all that work yourself? Sheesh! and b) They've added advertisements. Rude! I am in search of a suitable replacement, but it's going to take some work.

I woke at 6:52 this morning, started laundry, fed the cat, let the dogs out, heated left over coffee from yesterday, cleaned the bathroom and baked two loaves of banana bread. I'm tired and it's only 11 am. I have about two hours of "work" work to do and I'm procrastinating.

We went out with our friends who are getting married next summer (the Zs) to a local Japanese restaurant, Saji Ya, for temppanyaki last weekend. The girls had Mai Tais (amazing tasting and strong!) and the cook put on a great show for us. He moved so fast I couldn't catch some of his best moves on my phone camera - like the flaming onion "volcano".

I miss Glee. Thank goodness Hot in Cleveland is back June 15th, Drop Dead Diva starts June 19th, True Blood kicks off June 26th, and Weeds & The Big C return June 27th. You're welcome for your summer TV viewing schedule Project Runway is scheduled to start sometime this summer - evidently the actual start date is a closely guarded secret as I can't find it anywhere on the almighty web.

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