June 21, 2011

College Visit

This is Minnesota Private Colleges week and I offered to take Sassy to two colleges of her choice for visits. She's thinking she will likely attend the big university, but I wanted her to see what else was out there. She decided to check out my current grad school which of course I'm partial to, but I suspect she did so just to appease me. We sat through an info session, asked questions of a student/faculty panel and toured the campus, including a dorm room. It's an all girl school and it was clear that weighed heavy on a lot of girls' minds. I find it appealing actually - not because I'm a prude, but because I went to an all girl high school and had an awesome experience. Well, the last two years anyway. We learned that all girl college students are more likely to graduate in four years, more likely to attend graduate school and more likely to have leadership roles in their careers. Turns out Sassy loved it! I'm having a minor coronary over the $30,000+ a year tuition, but nothing says love like saddling your child with debt as they head into the big, wide world. She has aspirations of being a pre-med major, but I know the vast majority of those who declare pre-med don't go on to become MDs. St. Kate's has two unique degrees in Healthcare Sales and Orthoptics - these may be right up Sassy's alley and I saw her write these down on her note card. We visit the "U" next month and it will be interesting to see what she thinks of it in comparison to being a Katie.

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