April 12, 2011

Real Housewives of the Arctic

Chunky had a Dr appt yesterday and I planned on taking only a half day off of work. But it was so beautiful out and with all the craziness going on up in that place the past couple of months I decided to take the whole day off. Decadence I was a carefree, no job, all the money in the world, real housewife for a day. It was totally awesome. With Chunky at his appt, I took myself to breakfast at Cupcake. I had the Caremelized Onion and Gouda scramble with rosemary potatoes and purchased four cupcakes to go. Surprisingly two are MIA After I took Chunky to school, denying his requests for McDonald's at 11am, I went to Barnes & N0ble and Macy's at the local mall. No. one. was. there. Heaven I purchased two gardening magazines for back yard landscaping inspiration and a sun dress. Then I went to the post office. Unfortunately it was almost 1:00 so there were lots of people there on their lunch break - I didn't plan that one very well. Then I went to my home away from home - Target. They missed me - I hadn't been since yesterday afternoon. I fully expect them to yell my name like Norm from Cheers one of these days I returned home and continued living the life of the rich & famous by taking a nap. I am not a napper but it felt fantastic to recharge for an hour before going to a 3 hr class I greeted my cherubs home from school with a cupcake and a smile. Then I left for grad school where I met a friend from our very first class nearly two years ago for dinner in the cafeteria before we started the fun that is Marketing. The class was awesome - a far cry from Finance. Though I have a 9 page paper due next week. This is why I eat cupcakes :) No scandals, no botox - just a carefree day in the thawing arctic.

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