April 9, 2011

Houston, We Have A Girlfriend

Chunky has a girlfriend! MD is a girl in his class and he is head over heels. He's been dropping hints lately - a big one is his paying more attention to grooming habits :) Last week he stayed after school to help set up for Game Night (he's on Student Council) and stayed late to clean up. I had a PTA meeting at the same time so asked Sassy to pick him up. I expected to find a very grumpy, tired boy when I returned home but instead found a hyper, giddy one who couldn't stop beaming. I casually asked if it was a girl who had made him so happy and he answered 'yes'! I asked who and he wouldn't tell me until I threatened to ground him (I may have followed through on it, not sure). I know MD well - unfortunately she missed a lot of school last year as she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and in the hospital for many months with ATG treatment and platelet transfusions. She's doing very well now - of course she's "dating" my son - and is a darling girl. They were both appalled that MD's mother and I corresponded via email about our "sweethearts", but with all the texting and such these days it's important to stay connected and monitor boundaries. Chunky asked to attend her swim meet at the big University last weekend - I thought that was a little too much and we had other plans. Yesterday he called to tell me he was going to the fish fry at school. I asked if MD would be there and of course her Girl Scout troop was working the event! Off he went on his bike with $4 in hand. So cute!

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