August 26, 2010

How time flies

My FIL is eighty years old today - holy guacamole! He loves westerns, candy (especially licorice) and polka. He puts the sass in sassafrass (wonder where our lovely Sassy Lassy gets it from?), but he's our sassy senior.

Want to know what was happening 80 years ago?
  • Herbert Hoover was president of the United States
  • The Great Depression was in full swing
    Mickey Mouse appears in first comic strip
  • World population: 2 billion
  • The first three Nancy Drew mysteries are published
  • Fun With Dick and Jane is published
  • Gallant Fox wins racing's Triple Crown by taking the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes
  • Twenty-five percent of Americans live on or from the farm
  • The first true supermarket opens August 4 on Long Island
  • Tums antacid tablets are introduced
  • Continental Baking Co. has a banner year introducing sliced bread (Wonder) AND Hostess Twinkies!
  • Snickers candy bars are introduced by Mars, Inc.
  • 3M company markets Scotch Tape
  • Neoprene is invented
  • Warner Bros. release their first cartoon series called 'Looney Tunes'
  • The first night game in organized baseball history takes place in Independence, Kansas
  • Jack & Charlie's "21" Club opens in January at 21 West 52nd Street, New York
  • Air conditioning is installed in the White House
  • The 77-story Chrysler Building opens May 27 at the northeast corner of New York's Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street and will be the tallest building in the world until the spring of next year

Films - All Quiet on the Western Front, Morocco starring Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper, Moby Dick starring John Barrymore

Songs - this was the Jazz era and I heart jazz big time!
"Ain't Misbehavin" by Fats Waller
"I Got Rhythm" and "Embraceable You" by George Gershwin
"On the Sunny Side of the Street" by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh
"Dreamy Blues" by Duke Ellington (later known as "Mood Indigo")
"Georgia on my Mind" by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell
"Body and Soul" by Louis Armstrong

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