August 13, 2010

Glee-day the 13th

I wrote this post exactly nine months ago today about my fondness for Friday the 13th.

I'm still obsessed with Glee. It's a sickness. I joined the one-disc-at-a-time version of Netflix so only got to see Season 1 episodes 1-4 the other day. I couldn't wait until the next disc arrived so watched what I could find online. Pathetic. But wait, it gets worse. I could only find episodes 6-10 so I have no idea what happened in episode 5 and when I receive the next disc tomorrow I'll watch that and then send it back for disc 3 to watch episodes 11 and 12. So I while away the time watching something else I used to obsess about - Pushing Daisies. I loved this quirky show. Sadly it suffered at the hands of the 2007-2008 writer's strike. My favorite is the first episode, Pie-lette. You'll get the name if you watch it. Which you should because it's darling.

I need help.

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