August 3, 2010

Here fishy, fishy

Chunky has had a play date ahem been hanging out with at least one friend and sometimes up to three the past couple of days. He's never hungry when he comes home from day camp so often doesn't end up eating until 8:00 at night (never fear, he scarfs down two sandwiches an applesauce/oranges, crackers and treat every day for lunch). Tonight he asked if he could make fish sticks. Sure, no problem. I love that he can do it himself. I go out to the kitchen to get something and see that the fish stick box is still sitting on the table. Here's how this goes - I ask him to put the box back in the freezer - he says it's empty - I ask how that's possible since I just bought the fish sticks yesterday - he says he's cooking the whole box - there are 18!

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