July 16, 2010

All shook up

It had to happen sooner or later - Sassy would ask to drive the car. Alone. As in without me in it. I don't recall agreeing to that. Ever. When I returned home from grad school last night, she met me at the door with this aren't-I-the-cutest-kid-ever-and-you'd-do-anything-in-the-world-for-me-right? look on her face. I instantly had a pit in my stomach - something was not right in the universe. Her friends (Miguel, Sprinkle and Muffin) were over and she wanted to go get frappes at McDonald's. I was shell shocked - I didn't realize she was serious until the keys were out of my purse and she was pulling out of the garage. After I requested a frappe for myself, I immediately turned my attention to my life's passion - the laundry - to keep my mind busy for the next 20 minutes. I hugged her so hard when she returned that she said I was squishing her "bosom".

Sassy and Sprinkle's excellent adventure

This photo is blurry from my nervous shaking

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