July 24, 2010


I spent 10 hours (+ 3 hrs each the last two nights + last week, same gig) learning about Cross-Cultural Leadership from this man. Wow, what a rush! I'm still digesting everything but I'll be sure to share once I synthesize. Don't I sound smart?! I'm not really, but it's nice to know I can sound like it. Sometimes.

Chunky's baseball tournament is this week - they won the first and second games but lost today. They'll play for 3rd place tomorrow. Admittedly they were in the low bracket to begin with, but hey we all have to start somewhere, right?

Sassy and her beau of one year broke up. She is physically sick of a broken heart. Poor baby. Evidently he felt that they'd grown apart while she was Up North for a week with her family. Um, okay. Chunky said he wasn't good enough for her and checked on her every few minutes loud sobbing from her room, isn't that sweet?

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