January 23, 2009

We're Back!

We had a fantastic trip. There were only two "issues" and they were mere blips in the continuous fun and relaxation. Celebrity Cruise line rocks! Their food alone is worth the trip and the people that work on the ship are so gracious and interesting. Dunn's River Falls at Ocho Rios, Jamaica was awesome. Unfortunately we weren't able to dock at Georgetown, Grand Cayman due to weather (wind?) and we went to Key West instead. I didn't do any research on Key West because I didn't know we'd be stopping, but I'd heard good things (of course I can't recall what exactly those things were). My personal experience was that it's a tourist trap with capital "Ts"! I didn't enjoy it at all. Maybe if I knew where to go and what to do I'd change my mind. Anway, the balance of the trip was amazing. The kids had a blast, we spent quality time as an extended family, and I read an entire book and got a suntan. Ya Mon!

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