January 7, 2009

Aren't they cute?!

My daughter seems to lack the communication gene I have meticulously crafted over the years. Hubby may disagree with my opinion of my communication skills, but this is my blog. Why call to tell your parents you're not coming home for dinner? It's not like they may have prepared a healthy meal on your behalf or looked forward to the only time of your non-school day you come out of your cave to converse with the little people. Why not wait 'til the last possible minute to call and say you have a ride TO practice but oh you will need a ride home in two hours. Not like your parents have lives or anything. I mean really, how could they? The great communicator's little brother is known as the great procrastinator. He has masterminded deflection, excuses and the "what, me?" look. As in "what, you were talking to me when you asked 5 times if the vacuuming was done?" If they weren't so darn cute and I hadn't already invested my life savings in their care and upkeep, they'd be up for sale. Not really but there are days ...

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