February 14, 2016

Sunday Surf

  • I was asked to speak and meet with a group of prospective grad students at my alma mater yesterday. I was really honored that they asked and appreciated the opportunity to remember myself in their shoes 7 years ago.
  • I made this baked oatmeal again ... it's so, so good!
  • RIP Antonin Scalia. This article is a good read and reinforces my belief that meaning and richness come from having those with deeply different perspectives within our inner circle.
  • If I were going to the Oscars, I would wear this (with two pair of Spanx). If I were getting remarried and money was no object (and I had a lithe figure), I would wear this. Everything by Paolo Sebastian is a.maze.ing.
  • I bought this swimsuit for an upcoming vacation and actually felt really good in it. Now if I could only remove those darn spider veins on my legs!
  • Dominque Sachse is a Houston TV newscaster and I'm addicted to her YouTube channel. Not sure I can justify $55 for foundation, but I am going to check it out the next time I'm at Sephora.
  • Finally, I may have found the absolute perfect red lipstick for me - Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte 107 by Kate Moss. It's a deep berry blue-red that's great for fairer skin tones and teeth that aren't perfectly white. I can only find it on Amazon but at $10ish, it's worth stocking up on.

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